P.I. Bookclub

Once every month and a half, the participants of the book club (5 in total) get together to discuss a book. We talk about it, have a good time (over food and drinks) and ask ourselves: what did we get out of the book? How can we translate this into our lives? How do we see the world differently now than we did before reading the book?

Together, while reading, we are in search of the best possible road map of life. A scavenger hunt in a group setting. The book club is for the real bookworms and the not so real bookworm. The only requirement is an open interest in a multitude of subjects (from philosophy, sociology, psychology, to spirituality and religion) and the willingness to read a book. The books that we read, we choose together. Often we read a particular book and sometimes we deviate from this by taking a theme, for example a particular philosopher.

The emphasis is on personal development and on what can be called metamodernism. This is an emerging social movement that seeks to connect modernism (the enlightenment, objective science, and economic growth as the basis for progress) and postmodernism (systemic criticism, doubt of scientific truth and a keen interest in subjective experience).

Language: English if international guests are present, otherwise Dutch.

Books we've read in the past:

When: By mutual agreement once every 1.5 to 2 months.
Time: Often around dinner time.
Location: Metaallaan 255.
Cost: Free.

Are you interested in joining us one day? Feel free to contact us.