P.I. Satsang (Dutch spoken)

Satsang is originally an Eastern tradition that revolves around the encounter with the master. We want to bring this tradition to Groningen in a unique form, that is, beyond the relationship between student and master. As far as we are concerned this does more justice to what each person is, namely equal to each other. That is to say: equal in dignity. Everyone is master and pupil, although some will more often be one or the other. During the Satsang we want to address questions such as: Who am I in the deepest sense? What place do I occupy in this world? How am I connected with people around me? And, how do I come into my own in my life with my own uniqueness and in an authentic way?

The afternoons will be guided by Vasu Macquoy. He describes his life as a constantly moving and changing process in which he has learned to detach from limiting beliefs and life patterns. This is a never-ending process and in this he is also still learning. About this process he goes on to say: in going your own way in life you gain insights and wisdom, this is something that applies to all of us. Intrinsically we have a deep desire to be whole and everyone walks this path of wholeness in his or her own way, there are no set rules for this. It is everyone's own discovery.

Vasu wants to stimulate people to learn to discover his or her own unique possibilities and qualities and encourage people to walk their own path. Thus, for over 40 years Vasu has been guiding people to learn to open up to the mystery that is life, beyond conditioning

From personal experience we know how valuable this can be. A different perspective, a new sound, a fresh perspective from a man who has spent his life exploring life. Age and life experience bring a certain distance and this has proved invaluable to us. We would like to grant this to other people as well.

The meetings will take place in our clubhouse where you can share with each other what is on your mind at the time. What is in the foreground and do you want to bring to the attention? This can be heavy or light, there is no preference. Everything is part of the dynamics of life. By working with what is each time, something comes up and we can bring in our own view of the situation and enrich each other with what we see and experience. This is how we learn from Vasu and from each other. Contributing is not necessary, you are also welcome to be part of it by simply being present. Throw in a cup of tea and some tasty cookies and you will have a good idea of what we are up to.

Personal website Vasu: www.shanti-niket.nl

When: Every last Sunday of the month (start: end of September).
Time: 1:00 - 4:00.
Location: Metal Avenue 255.
Cost: Free.
Participants: maximum 20.

For registration and more information: portintegral@gmail.com.