Who and what are we?

Wandering in life we were looking for peerspeers  who are engaged in consciousness development. Developing their knowledge, their empathy, their body and mind. Development in the broadest sense of the word.

Helped by a motley collection of philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, wise men and women and inspired by the moments of beauty, goodness and truth that the world lets you experience, we have been traveling around in amazement and looking for, yes looking for what really? A little love? Who knows?

Peers  we searched for and peers  we found, and we think more people have that same need. So this is a place for peers.

Apples are welcome too.

And by coming together, as a nice side effect, we want to make the world a little nicer.

Learning, sharing, playing and building together.



We dream of a development-oriented society, in which everyone is guided with wisdom and full of compassion to become the person they can be. Both cognitively and emotionally, in contact with others, as far as self-knowledge and spirituality is concerned. We see (development in) wisdom and compassion as the key to the society that will be needed to face the problems of the future.


Eight Fundamental Principles