Work Café

Port Integral is opening their space for community co-working for anyone looking for a space to work. There’s a couch and loungey things and tables with chairs.

Come get started on a special projects/ long postponed goal / urgent tasks/ your taxes/ an art project / write your next book/ study for an exam or whatever you want!

Walk-in at 10am. We’ll have a little check-in at 10.30am (introducing ourselves and checking if collaborations or support can be exchanged if needed). We’ll work mostly quietly, so big Group projects with lots of brainstorming and talking might not be so suitable for this space. There is space in the hallway for brainstorms, phone calls or chatty breaks.

Walk-in whenever you want, stay for however long you want (anywhere between 10am till 6pm).

The idea is to make this a recurring weekly event, although we’re still figuring out which day would work best. Or we might alter each week.

There are spaces to rest and power nap if needed (Bring Your Own Blanket). There’s a little kitchen space to reheat your lunch. Tea and coffee are abundant.

Facilitated by Nectar

For me personally, one of my biggest struggles with ADHD is self-starting tasks (especially when tasks don’t particularly spark any dopamine in my brain). Having another person knowing what I’m meant to be working on there in the space with me (even if they are simply watching a movie next to me) has turned out to be tremendously helpful. Both to anchor my focus and as co-regulating when I get frustrated. I only recently learned this strategy is called ✨body doubling✨ and is a proven effective tool for ADHD. Again, EVERYBODY is welcome to this event! Just a little shout-out and extra encouragement to my fellow neuro-divergent darlings out there to come and get yourself started, together. 💛





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10:00 till 18:00

In Magma, Metaallaan 255

Free / Donation based