‘Work Lounge’ with Masha

I am Masha and I love working but sometimes it’s hard to focus and get my to do’s done when I’m by myself at home.. not only it is much easier to get in a flow when I go to a space that is designated for work but it’s much more fun to work together; share goals and intentions, get support when needed or bounce idea’s of each other.

That’s why I am super excited to host ‘Work Lounge’ on Mondays at Port Integral!

Port Integral is offering us (free or donation based?) work space. Whether it is doing your taxes, studying, working on your own business, doing an art project, you are welcome to come do it in this calm and spacious space.

I will open the space at 09.00 and we will do an opening circle at 10.00.

One of our key principles at Port Integral is communal self-development, so the idea of this initiative is to not have only individuals doing their own work, but to connect with others during the day.
In the opening circle we briefly share what’s alive in us, what we want to work on today/ your intention and what our needs are and if we feel space to be of support to others in the circle today. It’s a great way to start the day, meet the other workers, set a common intention for balanced productivity and get support like a buddy or feedback.

Every once in a while I will offer some soup for lunch for 1 € a cup (bring your own cup) to support Port Integral and sometimes I will offer a bonus Yoga Nidra (a yogic Super power nap).

*the work lounge is being offered for the time being. I’m planning a trip overseas and do not know for how long I can host it.